Video Post 6

Hey guys i have another good video to share with you! This video deals with what climate change can affect besides us humans. Climate change impacts more than just the the environment. It impacts the global economy through things that rely on the climate to stay the same. Temperature increases will impact plants and animals causing them do either die or move away from certain areas which in the long run will affect economies and food production. Climate change is a much bigger issue than just the world getting a little warmer. If the world keeps increasing a couple degrees by each century than the world will not be around for as long as we expected. Plants will die and animals will die. Without a big food stock, humans will soon start to starve until we start to die. These inferences can all be made from the effects we have already seen so far. This video was very helpful in looking into the future and seeing the world to come.

Video Post 5

Hey guys I have another video for you! This time it’s from Bill Nye! Bill is talking about climate change and all the things we have caused that we have let slip right passed us without even processing. Most people say that the climate is always changing and they ask questions like, what exactly is climate change? Well climate change is defined as a change in temperature over a long period of time. Over the last century alone it has risen about 2 degrees and in the past decade it has been the highest that has ever been recorded. Obviously, this is a bigger issue than people think that seem to always push it off and ignore when it comes up in debates and conversations. 97% of climate scientists agree that this change in temperature is not cause by any change in the Earth’s orbit or outside force by by human action. All of this information is found in this video and is a great way to get an inside look at what we have missed about this issue.

Source post 4

I have found another post to share with you guys! This one deals with the amount of energy that we are using and the type of energy that that we have decided to use for our schools. The author is from South Korea and talks about how he studied an elementary school in South Korea because in Korea there are more elementary schools than any other school. He talked about how he wanted to do the study on elementary schools because there aren’t as many after school activities there unlike the high schools. He says later in the article is that the older schools are producing way more emissions than the newer schools because the newer schools have newer appliances that took climate control as a factor when thinking about building the school. The newer schools were also using cleaner energy and fuel sources compared to the older schools who were using pretty much whatever the cheapest fuel and energy source that they could find. Overall, this article gave me a great look into what the schools are doing to reduce emissions rather than just transportation methods and factories.

Video Post #4

Hey guys I have another video post for you guys! This Video is all about how we need to adapt to go about reducing greenhouse emissions and start acting today. We need to increase our understanding in climate change and create awareness for the need of our society to adapt. This video talks all about this. It also gives effects of what will happen if we do not change the way we are living and keep putting the same amount of emission into the atmosphere. It shows animated visuals of humans being suffocated by the smog created by the cars and factories that keep polluting our world. The speaker provides a great narration of what we have done to cause the situation that we are in now. There has been enough awareness tried to be spread throughout the world about this pressing issue. It is time to start acting on it instead of saying that we will try to take this problem down eventually.

China on Climate Change (Source Post 3)

I have yet another great article for you guys! This one talks about China and how they are directly related to the rise of the global climate. Since the the Industrial Revolution, China has been the “world’s factory” according to this article written by Anthony H. F. Li of the CEFC. Since this economic boom, China has produced the most CO2 than any other country due to the large amount of factories and manufacturing they are doing. The article also gives ways that they have helped to reduce the amount of carbon. China has started to put laws into place that help reduce the amount of emissions that their country is putting into the air. For example, Factories there have indicators on how much carbon they are putting into the air and if they go over it is against the law. China has to work on enforcing these laws however because in this article he talks about how the police does not take these laws too serious. It also gives a background into China’s history on the environmental level. During the Mao era, the environment was not an issue for China. Actually, China viewed the environment as something that they needed to get the most out of rather than try to protect. Because of this, it has lead to the problem that they are in now, High pollution levels and not a clear way on how to handle it.

Video Post 3

Hey guys I have another video post! This time it has a background into what has started the increase in climate change and global temperature rise. This video gives the historical background about how the global temperatures have sky rocketed since the industrial revolution. It makes sense too. The industrial revolution brought us many good things. It brought us cars, factories, pretty much everything that we are accustomed to today. However, it also brought us many negative things too. It brought us an increase in carbon put into our atmosphere. Higher levels of carbon in the atmosphere have cause the air to be polluted and also has cause an increase of kids diagnosed with asthma and other respiratory problems at young ages. If we don’t stop this global issue these types of problems will only get worse. The respiratory illnesses will go form some kids getting diagnosed at a young age to every kid getting diagnosed at a young age. This is not a problem for the future, this is a problem now. Let’s change the world.

Video Post 2

Hey guys, I’m back again with my second video blog post! This video is straight up explaining to you guys about t what a carbon footprint is and what it does to the environment. Unlike the previous video and article, this video is straight up statistical. Yes, it does give a few solutions, but it mainly gives explanations about what a carbon footprint is and what we can do to limit our input of pollutants into the atmosphere. It goes into depth about recycling. By recycling we can make a huge dent in our carbon footprints. We need to separate what goes into the trash and what can be reused and recycled. Another thing we can’t live without is energy and electricity. But instead of using not clean sources of energy that pollutes the atmosphere, why not use clean energy for all of our appliances and start making s step in the right direction.

Video Post 1

Hey guys I’m back again with another source that if found to back up our climate change problem! This video I found is about ten easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint! It gives a lot of the same examples that the article that I found for you guys gave, but this shows videos of the ways you can change your daily routine. It gives solid examples of people car pooling and riding bikes and walking rather than all of them driving alone and putting more carbon into the air. It also gives facts about the issue at hand. All in all I think this video is a great source to have about this issue and it backs up every claim that I have made so far. It also backs up every claim that Dr. Barry W. Brook made in his article in the blog post that I made before.

Reducing CO2 Emissions (Source post 2)

I have found a great article that you should all read to back up my points about why we should reduce our input of carbon whether it is from cars or from food or anything. It gives 10 reasons on why this is such an important issue and why it needs to be handled now rather than later. The article is written by Dr. Barry W. Brook, an environmental researcher, and scientist. He is very credible when it comes to the issues of conservation of the environment. His biggest concern with the huge amounts of carbon we are putting into our atmosphere was that everyone needs to be involved. He talked about how since this is such a big issue, we need everyone to be behind it. If everyone is not behind reducing the amount of carbon and pollutants we are putting into the air, than nothing will every get accomplished.

TED Talk

The TED Talk I watched was by a speaker named David Keith. He gave a speech about how we need to start thinking about the future of our planet. He went into depth about maybe we should not try to reduce emissions as a whole on a global scale, but instead have geoengineering in place to put up barriers and protect us from these emissions. I posted this talk to this blog because it gives a different look at the big picture of how we can protect our environment from the emissions that we have put into it. This talk was great because he gave methods of stopping global temperature rises in alternative ways that I had never thought of. When you watch this talk, you should expect to see an in depth analysis of the issue and three good ways on how we can put measures into reduces it.