Video Post 3

Hey guys I have another video post! This time it has a background into what has started the increase in climate change and global temperature rise. This video gives the historical background about how the global temperatures have sky rocketed since the industrial revolution. It makes sense too. The industrial revolution brought us many good things. It brought us cars, factories, pretty much everything that we are accustomed to today. However, it also brought us many negative things too. It brought us an increase in carbon put into our atmosphere. Higher levels of carbon in the atmosphere have cause the air to be polluted and also has cause an increase of kids diagnosed with asthma and other respiratory problems at young ages. If we don’t stop this global issue these types of problems will only get worse. The respiratory illnesses will go form some kids getting diagnosed at a young age to every kid getting diagnosed at a young age. This is not a problem for the future, this is a problem now. Let’s change the world.


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