China on Climate Change (Source Post 3)

I have yet another great article for you guys! This one talks about China and how they are directly related to the rise of the global climate. Since the the Industrial Revolution, China has been the “world’s factory” according to this article written by Anthony H. F. Li of the CEFC. Since this economic boom, China has produced the most CO2 than any other country due to the large amount of factories and manufacturing they are doing. The article also gives ways that they have helped to reduce the amount of carbon. China has started to put laws into place that help reduce the amount of emissions that their country is putting into the air. For example, Factories there have indicators on how much carbon they are putting into the air and if they go over it is against the law. China has to work on enforcing these laws however because in this article he talks about how the police does not take these laws too serious. It also gives a background into China’s history on the environmental level. During the Mao era, the environment was not an issue for China. Actually, China viewed the environment as something that they needed to get the most out of rather than try to protect. Because of this, it has lead to the problem that they are in now, High pollution levels and not a clear way on how to handle it.


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