Video Post 5

Hey guys I have another video for you! This time it’s from Bill Nye! Bill is talking about climate change and all the things we have caused that we have let slip right passed us without even processing. Most people say that the climate is always changing and they ask questions like, what exactly is climate change? Well climate change is defined as a change in temperature over a long period of time. Over the last century alone it has risen about 2 degrees and in the past decade it has been the highest that has ever been recorded. Obviously, this is a bigger issue than people think that seem to always push it off and ignore when it comes up in debates and conversations. 97% of climate scientists agree that this change in temperature is not cause by any change in the Earth’s orbit or outside force by by human action. All of this information is found in this video and is a great way to get an inside look at what we have missed about this issue.


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