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I have found another post to share with you guys! This one deals with the amount of energy that we are using and the type of energy that that we have decided to use for our schools. The author is from South Korea and talks about how he studied an elementary school in South Korea because in Korea there are more elementary schools than any other school. He talked about how he wanted to do the study on elementary schools because there aren’t as many after school activities there unlike the high schools. He says later in the article is that the older schools are producing way more emissions than the newer schools because the newer schools have newer appliances that took climate control as a factor when thinking about building the school. The newer schools were also using cleaner energy and fuel sources compared to the older schools who were using pretty much whatever the cheapest fuel and energy source that they could find. Overall, this article gave me a great look into what the schools are doing to reduce emissions rather than just transportation methods and factories.


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